Tube Drawing

An extensive range of high viscosity single shot and circulatory drawing oils for seamless non-ferrous tube in block and drawbench applications, additionally a specialist range of soluble lubricants for the rolling of ERW, welded tubes for non-ferrous and ferrous materials.


Seamless tube drawing on bench and block

Lubricants for the bench and block drawing of non-ferrous seamless tubes in copper, aluminium and alloys, the range includes polymeric single shot, ester and mineral based products.

Seamed tube rolling for ERW

Q8 Berlioz and Brunel, semi-synthetic and full synthetic rolling solutions for the ERW, welded tube process, products can also be tailored specifically for the customer process requirements. The range includes specialist corrosion protectives for short, medium and long term protection.

Development and Safety

Our extensive range of tube drawing and rolling lubricants ensures a suitable product for most applications, we also pride ourselves in ensuring that our products are fully compliant with global environmental and chemical legislation. Thousands of hours are invested in product development, often using unique equipment for drawing and rolling applications to ensure the optimum balance of product performance without compromising high standards of safety for operators and minimising our impact on the environment.

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QRAS oil analysis

Fluid monitoring service: QRAS

​​​Our Q8 Routine Analysis Service (QRAS) provides you a detailed and reliable report on the condition of your oil.



For expert advice on product applications, specifications, safety requirements and more, please contact Q8Oils’ technical service, Palub.

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