World-class player in a growing metalworking fluid market

Q8Oils is a key player in the metalworking industry and develops a wide product range of metalworking fluids, allowing our customers to choose the perfect solution for their process and application. Our strategic pillar of metalworking fluids increases the profitability and sustainability of big and small companies worldwide.

Q8Oils with its unique, innovative and progressive approach develops, manufactures and markets some of the finest quality metalworking fluids in the world. Manufactured in state of the art blending plants, Q8Oils represent the very best and latest, in lubricant technology.

Developing high-performing metalworking fluids for more than 100 years with a bright future ahead

As a true metalworking expert, Q8Oils has been developing and marketing high-performing metalworking fluids for more than 100 years. Our products boost the performance of metalworking applications and comply with all health and safety regulations.

Q8Oils is fully committed to invest in technology and human capital, to enable further growth in this strategic market segment. This will enable us to stay ahead in this challenging and rapidly evolving market.

Our in-company R&D-facilities in The Netherlands and Italy are the driver for our continuous product innovation. Not only do we develop highly efficient, widely applicable product solutions, but we can also produce customer-specific formulations that fit the precise needs of any metalworking application.

Our experienced and growing sales teams advise customers all over the world how to improve their metalworking productivity.

We are constantly looking for strong sales professionals to join us on this challenging journey. Interested in joining our ambitious metalworking sales teams?

World-class all along the line

Q8Oils offers dedicated metalworking products, services and support in more than 90 countries worldwide, from South America, over Europe to Australia. Our customers can always rely on our proximity in solving their challenges and reaching their objectives.

At Q8Oils, we stand for world-class products, consistent quality and a highly regarded and recognisable brand. In addition comes strong technical and on-site support, a service quality standard, a strong focus on innovation and a serious commitment to growing long term relationships with our customers. That is why doing business with Q8Oils is so easy.

Thriving company in a booming market

As a result of the increased interest in higher quality fluids, such as synthetics, semi-synthetics/synthetic blends and water-soluble products, a robust revenue growth is anticipated in the worldwide metalworking fluid industry.

With our experienced and growing sales teams, technical support, customer service professionals and worldwide delivery partners, we can consistently deliver the highest level of service to our customers in the growing metalworking market.

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